The world is a sum of connections. Our reality has shifted (hello phygital revolution), but the need to connect remains. So here’s the good news. Growing your business is a matter of connecting with your mission, your values, your strategy, your online presence and most importantly: connecting with your clients.

As a coach and consultant I help you connect the dots to grow your business and mindset through co-creation of a clear brand identity and mission, growth strategy, storytelling, content marketing and social media. Through 1-on-1 coaching sessions I help you overcome limitations and stretch your vision to grow. 


Nobody is born thinking he or she wants to become a coach. To me, coaching was simply the next step in sharing my expertise and mission to help individuals and brands transform and grow with lasting effects. Here’s what to expect when working with me:A co-creation coaching style means guiding you through the process and initiating your input, by offering tools and asking the right questions

  • Aiming for a transformation of your business, but also personal growth.
  • Providing input, insights and advice by tapping from own working experience and projects.
  • Opportunity to connect and introduce you to an extensive network of creatives and entrepreneurs (photographers, copywriters, PR, stylists, influencers, consultants, graphic designers, brands…) 

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