Coach and consultant specialized in strategic branding, storytelling, online impact and influencer marketing.


People talk, so do brands.
No brand has ever grown by just being. I believe that sharing the right message with the right emotion, is what makes your brand stand out. My consulting approach is bespoke, hands on, solution-focused and aiming for long-term results. To meet all of your project needs, I am happy to share my network of talented creatives with you. Interested in working with me?


The world is a sum of connections. Our reality has shifted (hello phygital revolution), but the need to connect remains. So here’s the good news. Growing your business is a matter of connecting with your mission, your values, your strategy, your online presence and most importantly: connecting with your clients. As a coach and consultant I help you connect the dots to grow your business and mindset through co-creation of a clear brand identity and mission, growth strategy, storytelling, content marketing and social media. Through 1-on-1 coaching sessions I help you overcome limitations and stretch your vision to grow.